New_Badge+ 16-Hours Illinois Concealed Carry Training Class

+ 8-Hours Illinois Concealed Carry Training Class

+ 3-Hours Illinois Concealed Carry License Renewal Class

+ Advanced Firearms Tactics (8-Hour class)

+ Family Firearm Safety (4-Hour in-home class)

+ Defensive Tactics for Women (8-Hour class)

+ Aftermath (8-Hour class. A Shield Training exclusive)



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  • This is NOT simply about teaching a person to carry a firearm.

  • This is about helping people to be responsible / safe firearm owners.

  • This is about helping people to be able to properly protect themselves and their loved ones in and out of the home.

  • This is about helping families (especially those with children) to be safe in their home while a firearm is present.

  • This is about YOU, the firearm owner.

  • WE are simply here to help you in every way we can.

Code of the Professional Defensive Shooting Instructors

1. I am committed to the safety of my students, and hold that the expected benefit of any training activity must significantly outweigh any known or perceived risk of that activity.

2. I believe that it is my responsibility to understand not just what I’m teaching, but WHY I’m teaching any technique or concept, or offering specific advice.

3. I recognize that defensive shooting skills, along with the drills and gear used, are inherently specialized and usually distinct from those of target shooting, competition and hunting endeavors.

4. I will encourage my students to ask questions about course material, and I will answer them with thorough and objective explanations.

5. I understand that Integrity and Professionalism are subjective traits and I strive to maintain high levels of both. I am capable of, and willing to, articulate the reasons for the way I conduct my courses and how I interact with students & peers.

6. I believe that it is valuable to engage my peers in constructive conversation about differences in technique and concept, with the goal of mutual education and evolution.

7. I believe that the best instructor is an avid student, and I will strive to continually upgrade my own skills and knowledge. As part of this belief, I understand that my own teachings need to be subject to critique and open to evolution.


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